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 Jeff Headley and Steve Hamilton Return to

Construct Shenandoah Valley Tall Clock Case

Headley/Hamilton Tall Clock Weekend Selling Fast

Net Fee for Weekend and for Monday Session will be $85!
As most of you know, we operated on a zero balance budget at the local Chapter level.  As such, we must estimate our fees collected to cover the expenses.  That means typically we build a buffer into the weekend fee based on our estimate of attendees.
Well, we have had an overwhelming good response to the tall clock event.  At this time we are going to be able to return $40 to each attendee, making your final cost $85 for the two day weekend event and $85 for the Monday event.
For simplicity of bookkeeping, we will continue to collect $125 so that process of returning funds will be easier.and not require us to keep track of different payments.

Jeff Headley and Steve Hamilton continue the tradition of Mack S. Headley and Sons.

They also run Woodworking Workshops of the Shenandoah Valley.

We are excited to have Steve and Jeff return to Peach State. They were our very first program six years ago. Those who have not seen them in action are in for a great presentation. They work as a team complementing the skills and talents of each other.

This will be an in-depth study of the construction techniques used to build a tall case clock, commonly called a grandfather clock. In the 18th and early 19th centuries, ownership of this type of clock was considered an indication of success.

The clock Jeff and Steve have chosen is one of many made in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, with a mix of many European influences carried down the valley from Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Eastern Virginia. These clocks were made during the Federal period but with Chippendale features.

Jeff and Steve will cover the construction joinery used to build a case that includes the waist, the base, and the hood. This is an extremely intensive project and not all aspects of the construction process can be covered, but it will be their goal to send you off with a firm understanding of what is needed to complete this project at home.

During this presentation, they will cover how to combine the use of both hand tools and power tools while investigating the period construction methods used in building what was, in its time, one of man’s most cherished and admired possessions.  Fee for the two day presentation is $125 for SAPFM and Guild members.  Download registration form below to assure you a spot in this event.

Workshop – Monday
On Monday, Jeff and Steve will conduct a program on Federal style techniques and tricks they have learned over the years.  Our weekday programs tend to be more informal with a free flow of questions and sometimes direction of discussion based on the participates specific interest.

Topics will include a discussion and demo of techniques on:

  • Making subsurface for veneering for various pieces. Dining table, Bedside table, Serpentine table.
  • Veneering with emphasis on compound surfaces.
  • Making bow front and serpentine drawers including beading.
  • Making and installing stringing on curved surface.
  • Making and installing fan & eagle inlay. Examples seen on web site “Federal serpentine front bedside tables” & “Eagle inlay document box”.
  • Making glass doors with curved dividers. Examples seen on web site like “Dad’s Breakfront” & “Curved Cartouche Corner Cupboard”.
  • Discussion/demo of methods for making French and Bracket feet as well as when and how to veneer them.
  • Discussion of method used to cut fret work. Example seen on web site “Cutlery tray”.

Fee for the one day presentation is $125 for both Guild and SAPFM members.  Download registration form to assure you a spot in this event.

Guild members may register at the same fee as SAPFM members.

Download registration form Registration Form Tall Clocks 2017

Peter Gedrys Woodworking Symposium on Finishing

Sponsored by the Woodworkers Guild of Georgia

Professional Finisher and Owner/Founder Of Architectural Finishes, LLC

As a restorer, his resume includes eighteenth and nineteenth century furniture of American and Continental origin. His architectural projects allow him to reproduce the rich colors and patinas usually reserved for fine antiques. Along with teaching classes in a variety of finishing disciplines, Gedrys regularly contributes finishing articles to Fine Woodworking magazine and is considered to be one of the leading finishers and restoration experts in the Northeast.

In this symposium a variety of techniques employing dyes, stains, glazes and final finish will be demonstrated. Glazing, which is a translucent color over a sealed surface, is one of the finishers most potent and forgiving techniques. Since the surface is sealed you can easily remove a glaze while it is still wet. A variety of filling techniques will also be demonstrated. This seminar is designed to take the guess work out of your next finishing project.

Registration for Finishing Symposium

The fee for Guild or SAPFM members is $85 for the two day event.  A more detailed sign-up brochure is available for download or you can click on link to Guild registration site.  Click HERE

Finishing Symposium Brochure, click 2017 Symposium finalS

Registration for the SAPFM Tall Clock with Jeff Headley and Steve Hamilton

Both the weekend and the one day Monday events will be held at Woodcraft on Holcomb Bridge Road in Alpharetta, GA

Two Day Weekend Fee:  SAPFM or Guild  Members $125
                    non-Members $185

One Day Workshop Fee:  SAPFM or Guild Members $125
                    non-Members $185

The attached form can be printed and mailed to our registrar, Dale Bullock.  His address is on the registration form. 

Guild members may register at the same fee as SAPFM members.

Download registration form Registration Form Tall Clocks 2017