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Tod Herrli Plane Maker

March 10, 11, 2018

Workshop March 12-13, 2018

Learn the craft of making your own wooden planes.  Hollows and rounds, block planes, coffin planes and many others.  Tod will cover repair and maintenance as well as building your own.

Agenda for the two day weekend and the two day optional workshop are shown below.


Repair and tuning and diagnosing problems in planes

Member will bring in their problem planes and Tod will repair and or tune 3 or 4 into workable condition

Crown moldings with hollows and rounds planes:

Demonstrate how to size and design crown moldings in different sizes utilizing paper and compass and then demonstrate how to execute the moldings with hollows and rounds planes.


Demonstration on how to design and make side escapement planes

  1. Stock Dimensions
  2. Type of wood
  3. Layout and design principles
  4. Excavate mouth and mortise cavity.
  5. Plane floats to tune and true the mortise
  6. Shape plane sole
  7. Plane irons cut and rough grind
  8. Heat treat and temper irons
  9. Final grind and honing the edge
  10. Tune the wedge and shavings flow
  11. Detail the plane body.

Optional Two Day Workshop

Class with include instruction and materials

The 2 day class we will allow students to make one plane in class. Students with prior experience should be able to make two planes and improve their skill and retention. IE: matched pair of hollow and rounds can be made.

Student can chose from one of 6 different planes






Draw bottom groove plane


Tod Herrli was raised in Northern Indiana on a small dairy farm and always had an interest in wood working. He started working with power tools in 1980’s and in the 1990’s transitioned to hand tools after reading Michael Dunbars books , watching Underhill’s wood wright shop and attending classes with Gene Landon at Olde Mill Cabinet Shoppe. He took a plane making class with Mario Rodriquez. Since working with Landon and Rodriquez he studied written material and different planes to manufacture his own planes. Tod would often copy and supply planes for Gene Landon’s classes at Olde Mill so students could copy Landon’s furniture projects.

In the mid 1990’s Tod started teaching plane making classes out of his home and the local Woodcraft store. Some of Tod’s students include notables like Larry Williams of Clark and Williams’s planes and Daniel Schwank of Red Rose Reproductions. He has also demonstrated to several SAPFM chapters in the East and Midwest, such as the Virginia, Michigan, Ohio and Indiana chapters.

He has also produced two dvd’s that demonstrate plane making: Classic plane making and ogee planes through Popular Woodworking.