Phil Lowe 2015

chair for class

We are delighted that Phillip Lowe of the Furniture Institute of Massachusetts will headline the fifth annual Peach State Chapter of SAPFM Spring Program on Saturday and Sunday, January 31-February 1 from 9AM-5PM (both days) at Woodcraft in East Roswell. For two days Phil will discuss and demonstrate period furniture design and construction techniques as part of an in-depth explication of an 18th century Queen Anne side chair (see picture). Discussion will begin with a breakdown and demonstration of a full scale drawing. Phil will demonstrate the creation of key elements, such as a turning the pad foot on the cabriole leg. His talk will proceed from the nuances of layout to actual execution of such characteristics as the angled mortise and tenon joinery that attach the seat rails to legs. Phil will discuss and demonstrate the development of key features of the chair back including the curved splat and the carved shell on the crest rail.

As a special added attraction, on Friday evening, January 30 beginning at 7:30PM at Woodcraft, Phil will give a brief talk with slides that reflect his museum conservation and reproduction work. This session is free and open to the general public. Bring a friend and invite anyone you know who may be interested in hearing from an American Master.

Follow the weekend program, Phil will conduct a two-day hands-on workshop on Monday and Tuesday, February 2-3, from 9AM-5PM both days. The focus of the workshop will be advanced joinery/construction techniques that employ both hand and power tools. This session will combine active demonstration by Phil and hands-on execution by participants of special furniture joints such as the angled mortise and tenon for chair work, mortise and tenon frame with mitered shoulder for doors, angled dovetail for asymmetrical drawer work, sliding dovetail with cockbead for casework, a knuckle joint for swing table legs and the rule joint for folding tables.