Google Drive Access

Googe Drive Access and Information
We have photos, videos and other useful events from most of our semi-annual events and some of our other events.  This information is available to any current member of SAPFM, local or otherwise.  It is contingent upon you maintaining your membership in SAPFM and respecting our terms of use.

If you do not yet have access here is what you must do:
a)  You must use a email address.  No exception.  It is easy to get a email, just go to
b)  Send an email, preferably from this gmail account to requesting access.
c)  You will receive a document stating the terms of use.
d)  Reply to that email, attaching the original doc, stating you “understand and agree to the terms of the use”.
e)  We will add you to the access and you can then access the drive via your gamil account. There is no url per se.  You can only access the drive from your gmail email account while you are logged in.
f)  Instructions for use will be posted on the peach state web site and will be sent to you when access is granted.


Accessing the Google Drive

You can only access the drive from your gmail login account.

On the main mailbox page on the right hand side near the top you will see 9 small squares that form a square.  The square is about 3/8″.

Click on that icon of 9 squares.  A drop down menu will appear.  Scroll down to “Drive” and click on it.

The main drive screen will come up.  Unless you already have an account there will be nothing there.

On the left hand side of the screen you will see a list of options.

“My Drive”

“Shared with Me”

and others.

Click on the “Shared with Me”.  At that point you will be on the main SAPFM page.  You can access any of the folders.

There are many folders.  They have descriptive names that should be clear.

When you are within a folder there will be pictures and they can be viewed as a list of names or as thumbnails.  To change the view, while in google drive on the desired folder, look on the right hand top of the screen.  You will see two icons beside each other.  One is 5 horizontal lines within a square.  Immediately next to it is an icon with 4 small squares within it.  The lines represent lists of the file names.  The “squares” represent thumbnail display of the files.

It is recommended you search the web or youtube to get information on using google drive.

IMPORTANT:  You do NOT have to install google drive.  In fact you do not want to in reference to this connection.  The installed software will attempt to make copies of everything on the drive onto your computer.  We are at about 135 gigabytes of storage.

Note on videos.  If your internet connection is good, you should be able to watch videos directly from the drive.  In some cases you may need to download the files to watch them on your computer.

Information is available on the web, on gmail site, you tube and other sites.  Please search it for any questions.  I will not provide a one on one Q&A for every member.  From this point you should be able to figure it out or find the information on the web.  Or ask a grandchild.